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still here


hello, just checking in!

I managed to save up alot of money in my stop smoking pot! good job too because I had a car accident in november last year and my car insurance will be going up because i got points for it. DOH! I slipped on the snow and ice but they say 10 miles an hour was too fast and slapped me with a fine and points.

But Im STILL smokefree! the gov wont get me back on the fags!!

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I find it very encouraging when people post how well they are doing another 3 days and I will have gone a month as a non-smoker

hi max!!!! Rex!!! and Kat!!!

Yep Im smoke free and patch free

The step 3 patches kept falling off because they were so small and fiddly so I decided to go CT for the last bit of it.

I didnt really need the step 3 patches anyway I dont think.

Im currently selling my last pack on ebay to regain some of the money spent on them. So far so good :D

Well done Sammi! Three months and counting! :D x

hehehe oh yeah!!!!!

Thats so cool, I forgot I put the date there. :rolleyes:

3 months today 3 months today lalalalalaaaaaaaa!

think I should get my OH to reward me! Pizza would be nice :D

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