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Hey everybody...


I got to thinking of the forum today. A friend of mine (who doesn't want to join the forum for some reason) is celebrating about 5 weeks of smoke-free living. She asked me how long I've been quit, and I honestly couldn't do the calculation in my head.

So, I fired up my trusty app on the iPhone, and learned that today I've been smoke free for one year and five months and change.

Seventeen months ago, I would have laughed out loud if you told me I could quit smoking for a year and five months. Never thought it possible.

Well, my friends, it IS possible and I proved it. And, as they say, if I can do it, so can you. Stay the course, steady as she goes, and one day soon you'll be in the Penthouse with all of crazy loons who made it before you.

Carry on!

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Hey Dgee :)

17 months is a great achievement

way to go



Nice to see a post from you popping up DGee, knew you'd still be going strong! How goes the getting fit regime now? Last time I saw a post from you on that you were getting some very impressive results!

Well, on that front I'm getting a bit discouraged. I lost 18 pounds pretty quickly and 6 inches around the waistline, but then I hit a plateau that has lasted for several weeks.

Once that happened, I started "stinkin thinkin" and began having soda once again, and other empty calories, which perpetuated the plateau. Even gained a few back.

I'm in the process of getting back on the weight-loss wagon as we speak.


Let me add something I just thought of...

I'm in the final weeks of preparing to move 500 miles to another state in about three weeks. I haven't moved like this in 39 years. I just realized if I was still a smoker, I'd be lighting up more than ever as I dealt with the stress of moving.

The fact that I haven't lit up that is quite rewarding. The fact that I haven't THOUGHT of lighting up is amazing.

Like everyone else, I have stress in my life, and that used to be the excuse for smoking (among others). Somehow, I have successfully delinked stress and smoking, and stress no longer serves as a trigger for me. I would never have thought that could happen.

It did.


Well done DGEE, i will be with ya soon enough in the penthouse :D few short weeks left, so kick back and wait for the knock on the door with a little voice saying let me in

I shall open that door with great pleasure!

High Five! Way to go DGee!

High Five! Way to go DGee!

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