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Back again!

Well I am back yet again! I had my last cig last night around 11.30pm, and (in the USA) it is now 6.40pm the next evening. I took my boy to the zoo today, so was trapped in a non-smoking place all day and had no cigs, and honestly did not think about them (not like previous trips where I have dragged my son all the way out so I can have a cig).

Been a little harder since I got home, but so far am riding it out. My main reason that is working for the craves right now is I have been offered a job at a non-smoking, testing employer, so better hurry up and get the nicotine out - not only would it be costing me $6 a pack, but it will cause me to lose a $25/hr job I would officially be an idiot!

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Thanks Max,

I have lost quits for a combination of reasons. Mainly stress sends me back - last time my son was placed with me by social services due to abuse by a relative at dads. This was on day 5 and I just went back to my nicotine crutch.

Also, I have a chronic illness (postural orthostatic tachycardia) and find when I quit it flares up terribly. This time I was proactive and went to the doc and got additional meds to control any attacks. It is no fun when you quit and proceed to faint repeatedly! Weird too as you would think quitting would help as the main problem is a fast heart and smoking makes that worse...oh well I guess I am 2 now though :)


Thank una! Great to see you still here. Life certainly has enjoyed kicking me the past few years! Wondering what evil person I was in m past life...however, ultimately life events are excuses, and I want to quit - it is not solving any of the problems!


Hello Hun

Nice to see u back again. Glad ur back on the wagon again hun i often wonder where the rest of my Oct 2010 quit buds are and how they are doing. You know you can do this and just take it one day at a time.

Wishing you all the best with your quit hun. This is it for you. xx


Hi Nutty! So glad you are still going strong! I am not sure why this quit thing is so hard for me - I think a big part of my problem is I find it relatively easy to start and can go for days to weeks to even months without too many craves, so my nemesis is the thought "oh well, I can easily quit again". I have to figure out how to change that mind set and get out of the seeming cycle of 6 months quit, 6 months smoking!


Hi hun

glad to see you back and posting

i do hope your day is going well



Carol x



Firstly, well done for posting on here again Gene, I'm sure you will break the cycle soon enough.

Secondly, what is the 'penthouse' that nuttynurse mentions?


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