No Smoking Day
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better than expecting

First day off the smelly habit. Up at 6:30 this morning. Not taking anything for granted :)

Not a bad quit day so far. no real cravings yet just 'thoughts' which I can easily dismiss. Although they are just ever so slightly getting a little worse as I usually smoke heavier during the evening and night.

I just hope I can break the habit and not fall at day 2 like so many times before.

Not sure if these symptoms are from the smoking withdrawal but I am lightheaded and sort of here but not :confused: weird sensation.

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yeah im currently in space (60 hours in) and i don't think i am due for landing until day 5/6 either lol so another 36 hours of this but you do kind of get used to it.

Keep going, and when ever you REALLY NEED A FAG sit down for half an hour to really think about it and see how you feel. trust me within half an hour the crave will go and you will think 'that little bugger!' because it really seems like life and death in that moment...dont let it fool you!!

Good luck and keep it up I know you can do it xxxxx


Thanks Kat & Nikki for reassuring me! This forum is great :) Hope lightheaded doesn't last another five days or so tho :(

Day one is now over and it all went as smooth as possible. Day Two here we come. Will definitely try and wait 30 mins if I do get stuck, Cheers


Be normal and do your job. Do not take any extra attention over that. best of luck


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