No Smoking Day
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day 3 yay :)

Day 3 today and im so happy i made it so far! Must admit the desire to smoke is leaving but the anxiety is getting to me. Its not the i want aag its im fed up now of the withdrawal! And having a cig woukd end that in seconds but undoo 52 hoyrs of graft working to bind the receptors back up so i necet crave like this again. Therr is no quick fix :(

I am happy tho! I might get out n about today n go gym or sonething. I hope tonoro i feel better for work! Xx

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hi hun


well done on getting to day 3

hope you manage to get out and about it will help to distract your mind

dont forget to keep busy when you feel a crave coming on it will soon pass




Not gonna lie i just had biggest crave yet. I actualy ma de a roll up thr lot. Lucky i devided to sit and think about it! The crave went n i was like ib the bin you go....close call that ead. And i know i woukd have been ahhh fir two drags n by the end feel sick. I am goung shop now to buy chocolates lol xx


Hope you're still with it Nikki, you HAVE to give yourself time, the craves will peter out before you know it, but the early stages have to be endured. You clearly want to quit, because you keep trying, so give yourself a chance; this one seems to be going well......:)


Thanks so much for the encouragment! These early days really are testing. As much as I really am struggling i dont know why but I dont think i am gonna go back to smoking this time. I am craving so bad but i still just dont see the point in having a fag...whats the use? whats the point? all it will do is make me crave it basically wont make any difference lol

I had a bit of a cry earlier. I can see myself gaining weight :( I have had a real blow out today and I have a dominos pizza on the way lol i thought well enjoy today and from tomorrow eat healthy, im back at work so should be abit easier to not eat so much.

It will be 72 hours and day 4 tomorrow, do you think ill feel an improvement tomorrow? xxx


I feel the worst is over now to be honest, my head is starting to feel like mine again. Physically the anxiety is bad, i feel stiff, shoulders up to my ears and tight stomach. I can deal with this though just have to keep busy and it will fade off.

Thansk for the support i really appreaciate it xx


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