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Day 5 - Mood swings

I didn't have a great evening at home last night, I was moody and angry at little things, shouted at the kids for the usual noise they make, the dog even got a bit. I've given up before and I know this is what I'm entering for the next week or two. Weekend coming up, I like a few beers at home when the kids are gone to bed and most of all a nice smoke with my beer so next few nights will be very tough. I think I'll log in later if I feel he's on my shoulder tempting me.

The difference I feel this time is going to be this site, I always felt on my own suffering and being miserable for weeks on end until Mr. Marlboro rode into town and rescued me and 2 days later I wanted to get back to the healthy side but he had me tied into a long term contract again.

:) Feeling better now that's off my chest.

Talk soon.

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That's a good post Jowa. It made me think. I'm on Day 5 now, not getting angry but sometimes a little sad (but not as bad as two days ago)

Early days yet, but I think this site does help. Reading about so many people's experiences is comforting. It's good to feel that we're not alone.

Good luck and love to the dog. x

Why not try white wine and soda instead of beer? Or perhaps cider. It would make a change of routine.


Thanks for the reply Violet, interesting the different types of moods we experience, yes reading about people's experiences is a great help. Keep it going you too!!


Good luck with the weekend jowa, hang in there! Friday night here and yes is tough hence my being here!

Violet, I am with you, haven't got angry, just really sad....weird symptoms!


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