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Day 5

Hi all I failed a few times on this forum and I am back again..We'll im at day 5 without even a puff and on my way now.. I needed to come back cause I like the much needed support from the forum members.

I tell u though I think in my head that I can just go for one and things still will be ok, but I know from my past this don't work. I am eating like crazy and this is helping. The withdrawal going cold turkey hasn't been so bad this time out...I am so happy about that...

Thanks for reading,

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Excellent work for stopping again. Try drinking lots of water and eating fruit rather than sweets and biscuits. I also found power-walking helped fight the withdrawl cravings. Keep going. :cool:


Keep going and WELL DONE !

my tips are

Drink lots water

Eat the comfort food for first few weeks

Join Gym

This website has by far been the biggest help

Knowledge is power - read and google smoking damage with images - this will enlighten.

Not One Puff - there's where I went wrong before ! No such thing.

If you have IPhone download a smoking app - this has been a big inspiration for me too.

Don't envy smokers, pity them - read Allan Carr.

Write list of what you have GAINED SO FAR BY NOT SMOKING

Good Luck.


Keep it up

Day 4 - feeling good, eating sherbet lemons with my cup of tea at my desk in work. I'm enjoying reading all your messages guys as your comments are staying in my head when driving and other places where I loved to smoke. Passed a good test yesterday, my friend was on holidays and he came up to be in work to tell me he had 200 cigs in his car for me that I asked him to bring me back. The devil is telling me I was stupid as I'll need them in a few weeks time when I'm back on the fags, but I remember a few comments from members -stop looking ahead, deal with today. Thanks for listening, I think I'll be doing a bit of posting today, helps sort out the demons.


The app for smart phones is a huge motivation for me. I keep looking at the total money saved going up and the time passed since I last had one, and the thought of setting it back to zero after all my efforts would be devastating! Your doing brilliantly.

Congratulations on passing that testing time yesterday - it definitely is a day at a time thing. When i tried to think too far ahead and work out how I was going to deal with going to the pub at the weekend, It just drove me into a panic!


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