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As a technologically challenged person it's taken me some time to register on here. But I've managed.

I started smoking in the 60's when I was 15. I smoked regularly until I was expecting my third child at the age of 32. At this point cigarettes made me feel sick, so I gave up with no problem and never had the time or the inclination to start again for 20 years.

When I was about 52, I thought I'd try smoking again...You know..Just the odd social one! Haaaa!!! Eleven years later and I'm still at it. 20 a day habit just like before.

A severe chest infection and considering how much money it had cost me to develop it, has made me seriously consider what I'm doing. Am I mad?

I've been reading this forum and seen some excellent advice and I'm hoping that it'll give me some extra support when I need it.

I have patches and have downloaded Allen Carr's Book (recommended by my hairdresser) and mentioned on here.

I've now stopped for 43 hours!!!!

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Hi Max,

Thank you. I feel that if I read more from others who have done/are doing this, I'll be able to be more focussed on what exactly I'm facing.

Tomorrow we (my partner has also stopped) are going back to see the Smoking Cessation Lady. Hoping for a Gold Star and a Well Done Sticker.:)

I'm at Ch4 on the Allen Carr book and I'll keep reading on here for other helpful books.

I've found the Champix posts interesting, because at first it looked to me like the ideal solution. Good to see both sides of the experience.


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