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Day 1 - Enough is enough

Hello every body is non smoking land! sorry to fill up the day 1 forum today but dont worry ill be in the day 2 forum tomorrow :D lol

So that horrible little champix experience behind me I been having a little sad smoke today as i did feel abit sorry for myself. Ya know what though, It doesnt change the fact I just dont want to do it anymore! disgusting horrible habbit.

I dont quite now the road ahead but thats ok. I am going to concentrate on each day as they come and go about it according to that day, not having a fag is the goal here! In theory i would like to use my NRT to ease the psychological addiction a little bit (im literally thinking about lighting up every 15 mins in ridiculous!) i think this is a good place to start and see about the future when it happens. I think i panic myself thinking 'omg how am i going to cope with this next week or tomorrow' when i dont need to, deal with it when it comes.

Im done though i really am, I have cigs down stairs still and tbh the thought of finishing them gives me a headache! i might just crush them up and put them in the bin then thats that! lol xxx

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You are 100% correct about the fear. It is Fear and only the fear that -

A) stops the quit from even happening

B) makes us question the quit and

C) relapse once in the quit

It is total ******** because anyone who has done it atleast once knows that phase passes yet we still believe we still believe its going to be a terriable ordeal next time lol

the whole thing is ridiculous isnt it. 5 mins after a smoke its like yeah piece of cake. 3 hours later climbing the walls :confused:

ah anyways i know i will get there *getting* there. :D xxx


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