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Day 2-3 I CAN do this


Technically today is my 2nd smoke free day though I only had one cig the day before so it feels like 3 days to me. My thoughts today:

I don't really want to kill everyone that comes close even though my brain is trying to make me believe I do (I assume my husband will be brave enough to stop sleeping on the sofa when he realizes this)

I'm crying because my eyes are getting used to the lack of smoke :rolleyes:

Of course I do not need to fill my body with toxic cr@p, it does not make me feel better at all, that's just an illusion.

Plenty of people live without smoking, I can too, my brain just needs re-programming to believe this (now where did I put that re-programming sledge-hammer?)

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Not just depressing, unthinkable! No way I am going through yesterday again. Of course the thought is there.....just one, just one last cig, what difference will it make? I know better. I will beat it.

Sense of smell and poisonous smoke...... my daughter appears to have had beans for lunch or something. I'm not liking this enhanced ability to smell her poisonous gas!!!!!

Well done on your 3 days I hope you can keep it up

2-3 days down

Same as myself Eleanor,

My second day smoke free, I smoked one late on the 1st day Monday. I've tried everything, hypnosis, Alan Carr, cold turkey. I have 3 young kids and the thought of me not being around really frightens me so I'm really determined this time. First time I've used this type of forum, I reckon it will help me. Day 3 - I'm eating everything but the furniture at present. Looking forward to staying in touch with people so we can help each other through this.

LOL U go girl......


I don’t post on here much now but your post caught my eye....No 1 because my middle name is Eleanor and No2 because what you are saying reminds me of my way back then.

So girl let me tell you I am now 6 months into my quit and you can be at this stage yourself.

I too kept going because I couldn’t face that 1st week again, where I rowed with everyone, smashed up the microwave on day two and thought I should be locked away by day 4. Even my kids steered clear of me in the first 5 days. That said just do it, grit your teeth, shout at the top of your voice, go beat up a pillow, but get this first week done then see how you feel.

I am not saying it was plain sailing after that the first month was hard but bit by bit you get there and I am now sat here with red wine in hand not even thinking I want to smoke.

Oh yes I also leaned very heavily on this forum and a certain two people called Max and Kat who really and truly helped get me to where I am now.

You go girl and in the words of Shaun T...Dig Deeper....Deeper than you ever have in your life.

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