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To dream the impossible dream


To fight the invincible foe and I could go on but I won't as I'm sure the majority of you will probably be cursing me for a while because the tune and words will be in your head and you won't be able to shift them! Or maybe the majority of you aren't as old as me and you won't remember the singer or the song which is a shame because it was good.

Firstly, I have to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time and trouble to post replies on my previous 'writings'. I have read and inwardly digested (without indigestion as well) each and every one and have taken note and notice of all that has been said.

I think that to start, it may be as well if I tell you a bit about myself. Firstly, I'm female (well I think I am! :D) and am approaching (far too rapidly) being 59 which is nearly the big 6 0. Married for 39 years (on 27th of this month) and don't have kids but have a husband (who occasionally I could give up easier than the cigs:eek:) and two dogs. Live in a small (ish) village near to the top of the Pennines and am Yorkshire through and through. In fact, if I was split in half, I think there would be Yorkshire running through like a stick of rock says Blackpool. Still working although my other half has been retired nearly 3 years but looking forward to (hopefully) early retirement in 2 or 3 years time. I go by the name of Kat but do, in all honesty, answer to almost anything - within reason I hasten to add. :p

Have had many attempts at quitting the most recent of which was March 10th for 7 weeks and 2 days and about 3 hours. Still don't know what started me off again but refuse to dwell on it any more as it happened and trying to figure it out will not change it - unfortunately but such is life. :mad:

Prefer cold turkey but have said this time, if I do fail, which I hasten to add I am not planning on doing, will speak to my doc about some form of help.

Put in mind of one of my friend's childrens sayings 'life's a b****r is

n't it!' which is so very true and still makes me smile when I think of this 7 year old saying this to me when one of our baking sessions went distrastrously wrong! Just so you know, we had made an egg custard tart and when cooked, the pastry was on the top not the bottom!!:) Definitely different but it still tasted OK honest! :D

Need to quit for my health and no, not the obvious reasons, eg what cigs do to you (albeit they do come into my reasoning), but I suffer from Menieres and smoking does not help in any way, shape or form. In fact, I am quietly confident that they do, when attacks happen, make it much worse which is why I don't smoke at that time but, you guessed right, when I feel OK, then I go back on the ciggies.

Money is obviously a big incentive - my other half smokes and won't give up and whilst I don't agree with his reasoning, it does make sense even if it is only to him. My intention is to put the money away and retire early and to be perfectly candid, retirement is my dream and I can't wait but I will have to for a while anyway.

Just so you all know, I am not a miserable sort of person so, with apologies to the men folk, here's one for the ladies.

A lady inserted an 'ad' in the classifieds which read:- "HUSBAND WANTED"

Next day, she received a hundred letters.

They all said the same:- "YOU CAN HAVE MINE!!"

I had a false start earlier this week but Wednesday (yes I know it's tomorrow but tomorrow never actually comes, does it?) is looking good. Whilst the cold puts me off smoking as much in the winter, this heatwave is putting me off this summer as it's far too hot to be standing outside puffing away like some mad woman. OK then, yeah, perhaps I am a mad woman as I can clearly remember this dinner time standing in full sun smoking twice as fast as I normally do because I wanted my ciggie but I also wanted to get back inside because it was slightly cooler in there!

So, starting out or if you prefer, starting my journey tomorrow. Know it's going to be a long haul but (hopefully) am better prepared this time than last time but time will tell.

Have made a list of 'to do's' to keep myself busy and my brain occupied and have purchased the Allen Carr book which, I have to say, much to my surprise, is really in the main excellent reading. Don't agree with everything he says but full of good and useful tips and interesting to boot!

Know I can come on here and 'let off steam' should the need arise but can also find some good tips and helpful advice as well. It's also interesting to read other people's stories as on occasion they do mirror ones own.

Hurdles and obstacles will no doubt litter my pathway but, as the little one said, 'life's a b****r isn't it!' :confused:

Have a lovely evening everyone and it does seem to be cooling down a notch or two although it would seem it's going to crank up again tomorrow.

Stay cool and positive.

Night night and sweet dreams.

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Hi, not sure if you did start your quit or not, but anyway, good luck and all the best. Also this forum is extremely helpful.

Hope today is going well for you!:)

Thank you

Thank you both so much for posting a reply.

I have to be honest and say that my new quit date is Monday, 22nd July. I do have a very good reason for making it so far in advance (suppose I could have made it further still but that's cheating!) and will bear in mind your positive thoughts up to and on that day.

Thanks again and if you by any chance enjoyed reading my little post, I can assure you that there are plenty more which come from the same place as that one - my one brain cell which I just have to keep active as I don't want to lose the use of it as sometimes it's quite good.

Best wishes and stay strong.

The one brain cell didn't notice

That I can't even spell my own name proper!

It's actually Kath - it should read Kath but I missed the aitch offof it - haven't dropped an aitch in ages!

Sorry if I've confused anyone.

I have to be honest and say that my new quit date is Monday, 22nd July. I do have a very good reason for making it so far in advance (suppose I could have made it further still but that's cheating!) and will bear in mind your positive thoughts up to and on that day.

Hey Buttons,

The best thing I did was make a date in advance, I found it really helped me mentally prepare for what was to come so by the time the date came around I was practically a non smoker before I started! I really hope it works for you and don't forget, you CAN do it :D

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