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Back Again!!!

To all those who I know from my time here, Hello again. To those I don't, I look forward to getting to know you all.

Like most, I have tried and failed on numerous occasions to quit smoking. Over the last couple of weeks I have been using an ecig to cut down. The final straw came this morning (I still haven't smoked a cig yay) when I got to the top of my small hill and found myself huffing and wheezing like I have never done before. So I am now sittign in work with my ecig and have used it a few times. I will take it when I need it and can see myself strolling round the block a few times but I suppose anything is better than smoking.

The long term goal is to quit nicotine but the short term for me is to get off the cigs and onto the ecig. I don't care if it means that I am using the ecig for any length of time because it's still better than the alternative. I am not putting any pressure on myself this time round as that seems to lead to failure for me. I'm just aiming to get through today and take it from there (one day at a time using whatever method I need to use).

I look forward to the encouragement I will get and the advice and good wishes that come along with it. Just aiming to get through the next few hours because, I have to face it, that's all a day is.

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Hi, Mark,

I have to hold my hands up & say I was the same. I'm now 8 weeks into my 5th quit & things are looking a whole lot brighter. I only used my E cig for the first week & now have a 0mg one which I may use very occasionally. I don't know how I'd have got thru the quit without it. Now my husband is into his 3rd day of his 3rd quit & he's finding the e cig a godsend. If you don't use it as a substitute for smoking but use it more for just getting over that huge hill of withdrawal, it'll be fine. Welcome back & good luck :)


Welcome back Mark , I am suprised to see you back here you seemed to be breezing through way back when we both started. I was the one really struggling. Never mind the main thing is your back :) never stop quitting, like you I am on the e-cig and to be honest it's a doddle so far so hopefully this will be the last time for both of us.

Good Luck:)


Hi Mark

I too am using an e cig and it's going fine. I only use it occasionally and it has certainly prevented me from caving!!! Good luck!! We are all here to help.



Welcome Back

Welcome back Mark. I remember you from the Olympic Quitters (I often wonder what happened to Derek, I'm sure you will remember him) and although I don't post much I do still look in now and again - I think there a lot of us 'silent' quitters still around on here.

I know how you feel as I've had a few failed attempts at quitting myself but I've managed 3 months to date so I hope that I'm finally heading in the right direction.

Just remember that it doesn't matter how many times we try to quit so long as we don't give up on trying - we'll get there in the end.

Hope you are well and it's good to see you back again.

Good luck.x


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