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Please Help Me!!!

Ok so I've been using champix and am on day 15. I'm a 30 a day smoker and today is quit day! I'm struggling so much and dont know what to do. Ive had 3 smokes since I woke up at 8.30am this morning, it is now 3.30pm in the afternoon. I can't stop thinking about smoking! Work was really hard because I didn't know what to do on my breaks so I sat in my office eating lollies. I'm not sure if im craving the nicotine or the habbit, I feel totally lost like nothing is normal anymore and like I've lost a friend. I used to count down the hours etc Till my next break so I can have a smoke. Now what do I do? I never truely realised it before just how much time smoking took up, now I have so much time on my hands and nothing to fill it. I feel so bad and gutted for having those 3 smokes today and I'm determined to quit, I just dont think im strong enough as I have like 0 willpower even though I want to quit 100%.

Sorry for going on and on, I just dont know what else to do and im terrified that ill start smoking again.


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Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply to my post. I may have been a bit dramatic and expected to be told to "harden up" I have started sipping on water and using the deep breathing, it does seem to be working, however the cravings are coming every 10 minutes, well it feels like it anyway. Is this normal? Everything seems like a trigger like add breaks on tv, every add break I think about having a smoke. Its strange because when I had a smoke earlier today it tasted like crap and had to force myself to smoke it, so why do I still get the urge to go back for more?! Then I think to myself I like smoking why stop? Then I snap out of it and realise its the addiction talking because i HATE smoking!

im not looking forward to waking up in the morning as i would usually sit outside having 3 coffees and about 5 smokes before i even leave for work! Gees im going to have to do a complete 180 to kick this habit and its only just sinking on now!!! I really thought i was prepared when i decided to start taking champix (about 2 months ago) eek i sure do have a long hard road ahead of me.

Its so great to hear from people that have gone through what im going through, it makes me want to stay strong all the more as there obviously is light at the end of the tunnel. Congrats to you for kicking this nasty addiction I hope i can kick it too.



I found that too about the spare time!

Heres some of the stuff I did (hope it helps)

-made decaf coffee

-went on and printed lots of reward charts, coloured and doodled on them

-Made lists and plans

-thought about what I could buy with the money i saved, online window shopping

-phone a friend and have a catch up chat

-clean up

-listen to music

-i joined the gym

-went to dance classes

Good luck with your quit! We are all routing for you




Once again I want to thank you all for your kind words. Just thought I would let you know of my progress (if you can call it that) so Monday was my quit day which was day 15 on champix. It is now Wednesday day 17 of champix. while im so disappointed that im not completely smoke free, there is definitely some improvement. The first day I had 5 smokes, day 2 I had 4 smokes and today at 8.30am had two puffs of my partners smoke and went to work thinking yay I can do this! As i didn't want anymore than those two puffs. Everything went reasonably well, then i got stressed and started walking round at work to take my mind off it and at 2.30 a co worker thought i looked lost and asked if i was ok and i told her i wanted a smoke. So she gave me one and had a smoke with her, it tasted yuck so dont even know why i smoked it all. Also was a little peeved that she offered me a smoke knowing i am trying to give up. Just goes to show i do have 0 willpower :( anyways on the up side, it seems that each day that goes past i am smoking one less smoke. I'm just hoping it continues to decrease and that i can finally be smoke free. I know i should just stop right now, but its just so hard. I no for sure that im not craving nicotine and is most definitely the habit. I really hope that tomorrow will bring me extra strength to not smoke at all!!!

i have to stop feeling like I've failed because its making me want to smoke more! I should be looking at the fact that i have smoked 10 smokes in 3 days, now for me that is amazing, would usually have smoked 90+ eek i actually couldn't imagine smoking that much anymore, so champix is moat definitely responsible for that!


That's so kind, almost made me a little teary eyed lol this sure is a very emotional process for me.

I'm going to try even harder than I did today and not smoke at all, Although I have been saying that all week. Grrr this is so frustrating, I was so hoping to be smoke free this week, so now my mind keeps going back and forth with different feelings and ideas of what to do next. Not sure if that even makes sense lol I am officially going crazy!


Keep going! Just get through the first few days and then it will get better. Don't beat yourself up about any ciggies or puffs you've had in the build up. You can do this today IS the day!!! And no you are NOT crazy. This drug messes with our minds big time. Stop using it and we will hopefully return to normal (whatever that is).

Good luck! We are here for you when you need us.



Hi Lisa,

I too went the Champix route and all I can add is that if you look back on previous posts from fellow Champix quitters, you will see that almost everyone who used it just knew when the time is right to draw the line and say 'no more' - it sounds like you are nearly at that point. For some, the time comes sooner than two weeks; for others, a little later, but when it comes you will know.

Once the time is right, and you've taken that decision, treasure your quit above everything - it is your freedom, and it is the most valuable thing in the world. You may not see that straight away but you will come to realise it as you start to go days then weeks without thinking about smoking.


I'm 24 hours smoke free!!!! WOW I feel so proud!! I'm not sure if I feel like I've stopped because the time was right, or because I was sick of debating myself and feeling guilty caving in and lighting up.

I have noticed that today has been alot easier than the other few days, its just the habit thing that's bringing me down like after I eat or relax, add breaks etc make me want one badly. I could easily go out and light up, the only thing stoping me is the fact that its been so ****** hard getting to this point so I tell myself that the tobacco can kiss my **** cause im better than that LOL. I even got offered a smoke today and i was strong enough to say no!

Geez this is so hard even using chamix, I would hate to think what its like going cold turkey, there's no way in hell I would be able to do that! Hats off to all of you CT successors out there!!

Just wondering, when does this get easier? I need something to look forward to in the short term if you know what I mean.

Big thank you to everyone who has been reading my posts and a massive thank you to all the replys, I really don't think I would have come this far without it!




Thanks for your reply :-)

That's a good way of looking at the triggers, I'll keep that in mind when the next one pops up. I've not read any of those books so might go to the library tomorrow and see if I can find one. I can't believe I've not smoked for over 24hrs but I must admit I have be constantly chewing on gum and drinking heaps of water among other things including a block of chocolate :o I'm not so worried about gaining weight, I'd rather be smoke free any day!


Hi Lisa,

I didn't take champix so can't advise on that. Did you come off it too soon? Just a thought. The first 3 days are the worst whatever method you use. Just get through that and I promise things will get easier.

We all seem to go through the same triggers. First thing in the morning was when I smoked the most yet funnily enough they were the ones I didn't miss. Didn't seem much point to having a break and a cup of tea if I couldn't have a cigarette. After meals and when I was on the computer were some of the worst times but its amazing how they disappear one by one. The last crave I had was in NZ. The grandchildren had gone to bed and I poured a glass of wine and took it onto the deck and I really wanted a cigarette even though I hadn't had a crave for months. It didn't happen again.

Hang in there for another couple of days. You can do it :D


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