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No Smoking Day
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Just a question to all about eating. Do any of you eat less? Or more? Is food better? Or worse?

I'm asking this because my appetite really hasn't changed. I don't eat much as it is. But I noticed since I quit everything tastes horrible. Mostly things that require seasoning, so pretty much all meat. I just can't eat meat because if taste issues. I went to Costco and bought a bag of dried fruit and dried coconut. I haven't tried the mixed fruit yet but if I could imagine what a fish fart tasted like that's what the coconut tastes like. Just like fish farts. So I've pretty much been living off veggies, nutrition drinks, variety of crackers, and fruit. But I ate some fresh strawberries which I love, but they tasted bitter and like chemicals.

I don't know what to do. It's sooooooo annoying.

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Thanks. I thought I was going crazy. But it's not just meat. A lot if things I once liked don't taste the same. It's so odd. Because I thought quitting was suppose make things taste better. But it did opposite for me and my list of foods to eat are getting smaller. Oh well, maybe I'll lose a few pounds :-)

Not really sure to be happy or disappointed.


I found that some foods I liked while smoking I didn't when I quit. Mostly cheapo ready meals.

Although I don't much like tea I found I liked some blends of China tea and Lapsang souchong.


some people replace smoking with eating more just to help i know i started craving chocolate :eek: something i never really ate much when i was a smoker plus i really went of my favourite coffee

your taste buds do change alot and you will find somethings just taste wrong but then again some other things will taste better i found most of the foods abit sweeter then i was used to

i had to change alot of my eating habits but thankfully i am now over the chocolate thing :eek: :rolleyes:


Hi Jenn,

I was exactly the same as you. I wasn't a big eater before I quit but after quitting everything tasted horrible. I couldn't eat anything, even chocolate. This went on for weeks because I kept expecting it to get better. I finally went to the doctor and she said it was because smoking kills bacteria and it wasn't being killed off. I'd already been to the dentist for a check up. Anyway, the doc gave me some pills and it cleared up within a couple of days. There are still things that taste different but nothing tastes horrible anymore.


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