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still hanging on


This Has truly been a rough week. I buried my step father on Wednesday. Here in the US we celebrate fathers day. He actually died on fathers day weekend. He raised me since i was 9. In this world most people have one great father. I was blessed to have 2. I truly believe the first thing my father said to my step father as he entered heaven was "happy fathers day". I really haven't had the time to think about smoking as i just realized I'm now into my sixth week quit.

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Yes , you’ve been blessed! To some people like me a “father” means a man you have to protect yourself from. And because of his past acts of violence and intimidations, at five months from my quit date I still wish for a cigarette almost every day, and every day I repeat myself that to stay quit means to win over abuse and cruelty. It’s a duty and a right. But I am comforted when I hear that out there is plenty of good people, of fathers not to be afraid of. Glad to hear that in your case love is stronger than the pain of loss and that these links of love simply make disappear a nasty thing such it is smoking. Wish you all the best and, congratulation for the achievement!

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