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Day 50

Today marks 50 days, 50 days of me being free from the death grip of the evil nicdemon. I will stick around for a long time just in case I get a crave. I am sure that I will, but hopefully it is over... I don't want to feel like something will ever take control over my life again. I am very confident in my quit and I know I will never (Hopefully never) let a cigarette to take my life over again. I want to live to be old, to see my family grow old, and just be able to go anywhere I want to go without thinking about a cig and missing opportunities because I was thinking about when I needed my next fix. Thank you to this forum for helping me too and the awesome people that are in it!

Kyle Wright :):D:D:D:D:D

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Yo, 50 days is amazing, you sound like you have this in the bag.

I am 5 and a half months quit now and I rarely even think about fags now. It's actually quite hard to think I smoked for 20 odd years.

I despise the fact that I was controlled by the fags all those years, now I really am free (hmm Maybe the coffee should go next).

I knew from early on in my quit that I would succeed, it was a quietly confident thing. I feel you have that also.

Well done



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