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Enjoyment without nicotine


My daughters visit is almost over and I have to say I have enjoyed her visit more without those stinky sticks. We have wined, dined and had a thoroughly good time and I hardly noticed her smoking except how bad she smells, lol. Think I have now convinced her how much better life is without being in the nicotine trap. She is now determined to quit too. She thinks I am a much more relaxed person than I was as a smoker. My son is also proud of his mum and has decided to quit too. Hopefully we will be a no smoking family soon. Thankfully none of my 10 grandchildren smoke, so don't need to convince them. They all love it that I don't smoke now.

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That's fantastic Jeannie!! And to think how worried you were before the visit. Well done you!!

Hi Jeannie

That is lovely, I do hope that they follow your lead and stop too! :) x

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