No Smoking Day
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A little all over the place

so im not sure really where to post as i should technically be on "week 3" but had my little slip of 3 cigarettes on holiday last week.

the last 2 days i would have sold my soul to have a cigarette. i resisted.

today has been marginally easier but im still thinking smoking smoking smoking 24/7

my appetite (which was huge anyway) has trebled. I am hungry 24/7 and cannot get full. I am now convinced i am going to turn into a roly poly which for someone who spent a lot of my life overweight is my worst nightmare.

im fed up and miserable. my work colleagues even said to me today "for goodness sake newstart, just go and have a fag";)

im not sleeping and quite frankly wondering why im even bothering right now - im struggling to see the rewards.:mad:

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I'm sorry you are having such a rough time! But try persevere because it does get so much easier!!!!


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