No Smoking Day
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124 days

Yes 124 days, well thats what my phone app tells me, feeling good, breathing easier, saving money, app tells me @ 7 quid a pack and not smoking 25 a day ive saved ............ £1088 ... is that possible!!!!, i bearly spend money now unless its for beer at the weekend, i have NOT smoked 3,109 cigs in my quit..... Nice :) and ive saved 12 days in time with not smoking, i got lots of things done in that time :P, Its good NOT to smoke, hope your all doing well in your escape from nico. :)

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Well done that is amazing!! I hope you are really proud of yourself!!


Well done!!

Wow that's a lot of fags you haven't smoked and all that money? YAY!!


Fantastic achievement Squinter, glad you're doing so well. Those stats are truly shocking aren't they :eek:


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