It's a Magical Day!

Good Morning All!!!! Well - 6 weeks have come and gone since my last cigarette. I mowed the yard yesterday and wasn't trying to catch my breath by the time I was done. Physically I am feeling better (besides the few lbs I have put on since quitting). Mentally, I am still healing - as I am still fighting the urge to smoke. But I think that is getting a little better as well. One of the things that keeps me from smoking is the thought of what magic will happen tomorrow from not lighting up. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!! Stay smoke free and find yourself a little magic too! :D

3 Replies

  • Well done. The magic comes at different times for us all. Hope yours comes soon

  • That's brilliant, well done :)

    Isn't it fab when you notice your health improving? :D :D

  • Awesome job melzee!!! And everyone here!

    I am so thankful that we never have to smoke again, and just think-

    how much those little capillaries and lung sacs inside our bodies must be thanking us, too! :)

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