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Into week 4

So here I am going into week 4 and who'd have believed it. I am soooooo tired this morning but happy and content most of the time. Taking things slowly day by day and basically just getting on with my life. All in all it feels like I am in a new place, as if I have visited a new place/on holiday for the 1st time and a little unfamiliar with the area, thats exactly how it feels and there is no pain. Just keep at it people cos its a real confidence builder x

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YAY for week 4, you're doing so well hun :)


Thanks guys

Not feeling so clever this afternoon, that will teach me to keep my big gob shut. Hubby irritating me with his moaning, rain is peeing me off, tv is boring, if a shrink could see whats in my mind right now I think I'd be committed. Didnt see this coming but its been hanging over me for a couple of hours. Is it nicotine demon, is it hormones !! is it just that life sometimes sucks, I just dont know. I do know fags dont help us and that we will just be sucked back into a spiral of sickness but these black moods that come along are blooming tough. I also know I luv hubby millions and more but my god he do narf moan

deep breaths


not doing housework

acting like a bit of a spoilt child

cant be bothered to go for a walk

Gotta learn how to shrug off and deal with mild depression which I think this is. but just not today x


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