No Smoking Day
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Day 27 of my quit and I feel good about myself,feel proud now telling people that I don't smoke.

I was working with a friend last night and I was in stitches watching him run around asking everyone for a light for his cig,( he left his lighter in his locker)

The 1stperson he asked was me and he was impressed when I. Told him I don't smoke any more, which then led to the funny scene of him going up to anyone and everyone.

Any way well done to everyone for quitting I now know how good it feels


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Good for you Dave, I'm so pleased for you, maybe he will be influenced by you and give up? Stranger things have happened - let's face it it has become very anti-social to smoke nowadays - I started to feel very embarrassed having to give in to the weed :rolleyes:

We are all giving up forever!!! :D:D:D


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