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Small things

Hi everyone,

Just gotta write this down so i my head doesn't explode. Was just in the kitchen at work and some guy says 'why have you never given up before, I don't understand what the probem is, surely you just stop' and looks at me like it's as easy as not slapping yourself in the face. Needless to say he has never smoked and so doesn't understand but I still blew up at him (said something like 'you have no idea, don't take the *ahem* pickle' obviously not as polite as this but you get the idea) and almost immediately wanted a ciggie. I'm glad i didn't have one and I must admit that just writing this down has helped but i'm always surprised by being blindsided by the small things, sheesh I didn't think it would be this hard. Thanks forum folks for giving me a platform to write things down. we can do this if we keep together folks :)

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Good job, doofus!!!

That guy was so insensitive. Isn't it widely known that cigarette smoking is highly addictive? Maybe not. Well, obviously a comment from a non-smoker, but I'm glad you yelled at him:). I know I've lied to myself before about cigarettes being addicting, but I guess I just always assume non-smokers know that and that's why they don't smoke. :)

And awesome job for not smoking, I know for me, too, it's the surprise stress that makes me crave!


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