No Smoking Day
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Good Morning

I guess Ive made it the month! yayyyyyy ~dances~

Had a great dream last night about a T-Rex in our town, very detailed. Im glad I didnt stress and have a fag in my dream lol!

Im super tired today, Id like to go back into town and visit the TRex :rolleyes: beats work

Waving patches seems to be working a lot! I have put one on my forearm today. Its not itching at all. Though its only been about 5 mins.


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Well done Sammi a whole whopping month

Marc bolan used to use a recording studio in Vauxhall/Kennington. It was owned by a friends mum and as a kid I I'd be practising my skipping lol and used to see them come and go every week, quite cool looking back even though at the time I didnt have a clue who they were x


hahaha i meant a dinosaur type of T-Rex

thats pretty cool that you used to see the music peoples :D

They are a bit before my time but I like a few tracks I have heard :)


OOH the itches are coming. That took a while....


Nope, definately a T-rex, glad it wasnt the Giganotosaurus Im abit of a dino nerd :cool:


Lol Sammi looks like I need to put my glasses on before I read posts and yes well before your time. Massive pat on the back for getting through a whole month x


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