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Gosh - So many reaching one year!

Hi There

I haven't logged in for a while, (not since I hit the one year point myself I don't think) and I see loads of people have made it to The Penthouse. So just wanted to say a collective well done and welcome to all of you - Shelly, Dippy, sb13, Viking, Toucan, Una, Esso. Lovely to see you all in here! :D Sorry if I've missed anyone :eek:

And to all the newbies or anyone having a bit of a moment, we are just a few examples of proof that it can be done! :D

BW, Shazza

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The most heartening thing is that a lot of us who completed our first year this month had smoked for a LOT of years, 48 years me.


It is great isn't it, to see all these successes.:)

I really believe this forum is the best quit smoking aid there is.:)


Agreed with all; nice to hear from you Shazza, I read my first ever post the other day and you were the first responder I had on this forum......not the last thankfully :D


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