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43 Days Today

This is my first post ever, although, I have been following this site since my last cigarette on the 30th of April at midnight. I am doing really good and I am NOT having any more urges to smoke. I think that is due to me WANTING to quit and with a little help from will power. It does get easier and there are days that I do not think about smoking at all. If I do, then I am at the point that I may briefly think about it for a split second when I am having coffee in the morning. Of course I do not give in and move along with my day. I have also lost 12 pounds during my quit. I went on a diet because I was afraid to gain weight after I quit. That is a little unusual for a ex smoker not to gain weight, but I am just lucky I guess. Other than that, please, do not pick up another one. You will be happy you didn't...Once you make it past a month, it is smooth sailing. I promise and your health will dramatically improve each passing day. :p

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a big well done

A big well done and keep it up, the life we lead now is no comparison to the old smelly awful smoking life we lead before................... WHY DID WE EVER SMOKE it baffles me everyday.................WHAT A WASTE :D:D:D:D


Thank you

I see you quit cold turkey, too. AWESOME...You are definitely right. I do not understand why I ever started in the first place. I think I did it to look cool when I was a kid...Little did I know it was going to be a lot harder to quit it... I know I will never smoke again and I knew that I needed to quit. I wanted to live a long time and at this point I had smoked more than half of my life. It was definitely time before it was too late. :D


Well done guys its great to be free of the dependency, I like look out of the window at work in the rain watching the guys outside having their smoke and think thank god I don't have to do that any more.

Do be careful though the monster does still live and catches you unawares.... be strong though...

Day 61



Thank you!!!

It sure is great to be free of something that you actually had control over all along. If I would have known that I could have gone this long without one, I would have quit a long time ago...What was I thinking??? It is smooth sailing from here... :D:D:D:D Thank you for your reassurance though...It helps when those cravings come out of no where...


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