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Belated Greetings

Hi Folks,

I've just come accross this forum and decided to join up as i'm sure this process is better shared!. I have now been a non-smoker (positive thinking!) for 10 days :). I tried to give up many years ago and lasted not quite 2 days due to me becoming the most irritable person known to humankind (i've since learnt that this is quite common!) and now see that I just wasn't ready to give up. My wife is due to give birth to our first child in about 2 months so I felt the time was right to quit. I set a date a couple of months ago which helped a lot. I used to smoke about 10 roll ups a day for about 20 years. I'm doing ok although the weekend just gone was quite hard as during the lulls my mind kept saying 'aahhh go on, just have one' but i'm trying to see that part of my brain as the ol' nicotine monster so I shouted at it at untill it went quiet again (reading back through this I realise that may sound a bit strange!). Still, I thought i'd post and say hello. A problem shared is a problem halved as my nan used to say :)

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Hello there and welcome! If you read through some older threads you will see that what you said does not sound odd at all!!!

Well done on making it to 10 days already - you are certainly through the worst! There are some great people on here to give support but also to have a good laugh at times.



I think you will get quite used to shouting at the virtual monsters, its funny you can tell a smoker by their greyish tinge, bet you can tell a I'm giving up smoker by the fact they shout at themselves lol....

its all good, anything goes, whatever gets you through the day........


A baby is the best reason in the world to give up. Keep on saying NO to a puff


Well done you 10 days smoke free already. As you are probably aware this is a great place for support.....

Good Luck and keep posting :)


Welcome! Glad to have you along. We quit at about the same time- congrats!


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