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I had a real narrow escape


Last night I went out with my friend. To my bad luck he's a smoker, and is even transforming into a chain smoker. We had to walk a long distance and the temptation to ask at least for a puff was killing me. It was much more of a physical urge than a mental one. But I managed not to smoke even a puff.

I was feeling both gloomy and angry like the world was about to end and I was a miserable lost guy. But when I went back home I noticed I was feeling light headed like no blood has ever passed the veins of my brain. I drank a sugary juice and things began to change. I was so surprised that I was beginning to feel much better mentally and not to crave anymore.

I assume low blood pressure made me confused and feel depressed, and it was nearly about to break my defenses against the urge to smoke. Have you guys had any similar experience, and is my assumption right?

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nonico7 Years Smoke Free

Effects of stopping smoking

Hi kurtvana

You asked about "low blood pressure" did you mean Low blood sugar?

I do know that smoking interferes with the blood sugar levels, and when we stop smoking we tend to feel the spikes & lows in blood sugar levels more than we used to.

Yes, I also used to feel strange - as if i had to quickly get a sugar hit - when I first stopped smoking.

Smoking does so many terrible things to the body - thank goodness we have the sense to do something about it.:)

Oh, wow. I didn't know smoking affected blood sugar levels.

Mine have been wacky for years but just a tad above what's considered to be diabetic. I didn't realize that quitting the stinky sticks would help with that!

Wow, I think you've just given me the best motivation to quit I've seen yet.

Huge thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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