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I have just realised, coming on here tonight, that it has been 74 days since I gave up smoking BUT more importantly, until coming on here just within the past half an hour , as I get into bed with my coffee and log on, that I have NOT thought about smoking at all today.

I never truly believed that this day would come but it has, and even thinking about it ( as obviously logging on to the forum makes you think) I really DO NOT WANT ONE !!!

Thank you every one for helping me to get this far xxxx

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Oh that is fab, huge well done to you!!


That's fantastic!! Congratulations!


thanks, I have read so many posts saying the same thing but I never really believed them if I am honest. It has to be one of those things you experience for yourself to truly appreciate and to make you continue so freely with your quit xx


I look forward to it! I guess I will only get there after giving up the e cig and the gum.



Isn't it the greatest feeling when you get to that day?! Sooooo chuffed for you sweetpea, revel in that feeling of FREEDOM!!!

Thanks Kat, it is great especially as you don't actually realise it until so late in the day ( infact that is what makes it so very great ) xxx


Brilliant Pet,dead proud of you.:D And it proves,that it can be done-we are not all condemned to smoke for ever,or live in fear of smoking again.When you stop thinking of fags,NicOtine has given up chasing you-but always keep the shields up.

Hey Max, I keep my extendable baton with it's special re-inforcments close to hand, never out of my sight :D;):D

I really have thought it difficult to imagine myself smoking again for quite a while now, such a sense of freedom :D:)


Going on day 44

Hi, good for you. I am so extremely happy for you. I am getting to those days now. I did not think about smoking today as much as I usually do (Of course til I came on here) The only way I thought about it is because it is coming up to my 6 week mark of being smoke free. I am super excited that I can even say that. I WAS JUST SO READY TO QUIT! I NEVER thought I could say that... :D:D:D:D This site is awesome. I thank the Lord above that this site was created for people like me to come on and get the support I needed to help me through this time of need. Thank you so much to ALL of you! It is ALWAYS great to meet new friends. :p:p:p:p


totally agree Kyle, without the forum and the wonderful people, I would not have made the first month normally- usually caved first day, first drink, first stress, first weekend,etc...-but to be looking towards three months is awesome and not thinking of smoking 24/7 is even better :D:D


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