Day 1 Redone

If first you don't succeed, try again! ;)

So today i try again, it is 9h30 am in South Africa and so far so good. I am positife to keep going today. Tomorrow i want to be able to say I quit smoking. I know it is a work in progress, but if you can do 1 day you can do two, right?:p

To everyone who is quitting with me today, i know it takes time and effort - WE CAN DO IT!!!!

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  • Hoping today goes well for you!!! Hang in there it does get easier.

  • Good luck Vicki :)

    We all have a few false starts so don't worry about that, just look forward to being smoke free you :D :D

    Heck if I can do 6 months with no willpower I'm sure you'll walk it :)

  • Thank you very much for your kind words. I do feel more prepared today. My target is to make 2pm, that is when i caved yesterday. And from there i target every hour today. I want to be at Day 2 tomorrow.:D

  • Thanx Max414, i told my boss to excuse me today if i get aggitated, it seems to be the first thing happening to me. So i calmed myself down and i think i will take a five minute walk down the street (its farms, so NO shops:)) and it may help with the cravings when it gets bad. Also i am not used to sit so long, bum hurts..I am rolling a pen in my hands to keep busy.

    I feel calm and in control.

  • Do you eat biltong? If so, get yourself a hard stick of the really dry biltong that you can gnaw on at various times during the day. Also try sip sparkling water as that works for me too - and herbal teas.

    You are doing great!

  • I do eat biltong and will try that. At the moment i am ok, i had a craving now but then a just went for a walk, up the road and back. Breathing deeply, the craving went away.

    My GP told me that it only takes ONE cigarette to numb the small hairs in your lungs for 10 DAYS. That's scary. I try to remember that and the fact that i have not smoked today and it is 1pm. It is hard work, tooooo much hard work to through it away. The people that smoke actually stink when they come in the office and that was me, WAS. Now maybe i can help them see that if i can, they can.:)

  • It may seem tough now but once you get past the first few days it gets easier. Easier still after the first week so just keep at it! Post as often as you like - there is always someone around to help.....

  • Thank you Sjt13, i think i will be on this forum a lot in the next week or so, but i do think it will be worth it. I appreciate the support.:D

  • It really has helped me a lot so far. Sometimes it's nice to get support and hear a few friendly words from strangers.

  • That is so true Sjt13. I don't know if i could have done it without the forum..

  • That is so true Sjt13. I don't know if i could have done it without the forum..

    Well you have made it past 2pm - actually 4pm if you are in SA!!! Woohoo well done you, now just the evening and then you have done your first day!

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