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Passed Day 1 with the skin of my teeth


It's almost 27 hours i've been without the poison and it's late night, it was the hardest day in my life. I couldn't do normal things today, and even didn't go out with my best friend who is a smoker and who I spend so much time with.

I never ever wanna go through this painful process again and I'm planning to write my pains i got through today somewhere in a journal or sth of that sort, not to forget it and not to go back to the misery of being a smoker.

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Well done for getting through the first day! It is very hard but it does get easier after the first week. Hang in there!!!

Well done passing your first day, i am on my first day now. It's been 12hours since i stopped smoking. It is very hard, but if you can do it, so can i.

I am trying to take it one hour at a time. I also thought it may be best to not socialize this week or next week. I am going to follow your lead and keep an diary as well, as an reminder of the hell we had to go through and to not go back!

I"m looking forward to see you at Day 2.

Well done!:D

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