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No Smoking Day
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Day 4 - revised version


Its almost like as soon as the 72 hours were down, my stomache stopped clenching up, my vision stopped being blured, my thinking became clear again and that was it....it was all over...I am not longer a nicotine addict!

I feel as if i only had a fag 20 mins ago not nearly 4 days ago (in terms of being comfortable)

But i am not going to take it for granted. I know the demons can appear out of no where and attack so i will need to always be on guard. I am so happy I am free once again for this nasty addiction! :)

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So very very pleased for you Nikki, keep it up sweetie xxx


Lol funny you mention peaks and lows because i decided i am going out to the clubs this weekend and wooooosh! it came over me, the biggest craving i think ive ever had!! i was convinced ill smoke till august then ill give up again, ive proved i can do it yada yada! it took me an hour to get through it through laying on sofa and deep breathing (nutter). now I feel ok about it again! god what a load of fuss!

It occured to me as well - ive never actually tried to not smoke when drinking! i always assume it will be hell but i dont actually know!

Im going to have a a few drinks on wed and thurs night at home though. Just to ease it in. Ill have a few craves etc but i would rather crave at home than in a night club.

Really want to resume normal life not avoid it. ah. night all x


You are doing so well and your head seems to be in the right place, well done to you x


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