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Quit Diary - Day 1

Hi all,

Going to try and post regular quit updates here to help myself, and hopefully others.

Latest quit time was 11pm last night. Smoked the last 3 cigarettes in quick succession - felt awful once finally done. Had a shower to get rid of that stale smoky feeling for the last time, and went to bed.

I'm quitting cold turkey and using an app on my phone called 'My Last Cigarette' to track my progress. I'd recommend it - as it is quite satisfying to see your nicotine and carbon monoxide levels going on a downwards trajectory, even if it is something of an approximation. It also gives you a daily reason to stay quit and a daily photo reminding you of the harm smoking does, so can be a motivation boost.

Anyway, today I feel OK mentally - was slightly lethargic for a while after I got up without a morning cigarette and had to go out to get a can of Relentless as a pick-me-up. Had a slight withdrawal pang going into the corner shop, but it was quite easy to ignore.

Generally speaking I don't have too many issues with the first 24 hours. I'm not sitting on my hands, forcing myself not to pop out and buy a pack, although I'm a bit restless and have been doing quite a lot of pacing around the house for absolutely no reason. Been able to sit myself down and write this though - now I just need to try and get some stuff done for work on Monday.

Might do some light exercise later as well. :)

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Hey welcome to the Forum :) well done on having a really good first day, you sound quite cool about the whole thing.

Having a good day one is a good boost to carry you through the coming days. Just think - you only need to crave fags for 72-96 hours and then you never HAVE to smoke ever again! I think thats a good trade off tbh! :D

Look foward to seeing your day 2 post tomorrow :)


Well done for getting day 1 out the way and hope day 2 goes well x :)


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