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Not now!!

Why oh why, after 6 months without smoking, am I starting to weaken??

For the past 4 months I've hardly given smoking a thought other than to wonder why I ever allowed myself to get hooked in the first place.

Now I'm finding myself weakening even though I'm not really experiencing cravings as such. If I'm honest I have to say that I just want to smoke, it's crazy!

I hate everything about smoking, the smell, the waste of money and the health risks and yet I've started to miss it recently.

I'm not depressed or worrying about anything in particular so I have absolutely no explanation for feeling this way. It feels as if I've taken a step right back to the early days of my quit and that I'm having to work hard at it in the way I did in the beginning.

I know I mustn't give in now and I suppose these feelings will pass, I hope so but I just wonder where they've suddenly come from.

Gritting my teeth and hanging on.


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I'll PM you now


You know, it could be the weather. There hasn't been much sunshine in the last six months, so the nice days we've been having lately will trigger a bunch of hitherto-unchallenged associations with smoking. I know this was the case with a lot of my contemporaries who quit around december/ january - when summer came we were all like ''aaargh, thinking about smoking constantly, where did THAT come from"? Treat it like another trigger to be beaten, and you'll be fine. This too shall pass!



Thanks Una, Lostie and Helen for your encouragement and for listening to my whinging.

I was doing so well so these doubts have come as a bit of a shock to me, perhaps I was just becoming too complacent about my quit.

With the lovely weather we've been having lately there have been a couple of times when I've sat at an outside cafe/bar and had a drink. Of course I noticed the smokers who were there too and I'm ashamed to admit that I did start to view them with envy even though I now hate the smell of smoke with a passion.

I will not give up now though and just hope that this is a minor hiccup that will soon disappear. I guess it's just my comeuppance because I'd even started viewing any smokers I saw with disapproval, pot calling the kettle black comes to mind!

It just goes to show that I can't drop my guard for a second and I think that after all this time I should know better.

I will keep reminding myself that I do not smoke and try to think positive thoughts:confused:.

Thanks again.

Evie x


Hi Evie, it really is nasty isn't it?

Am not far behind you and have been having some of the same kinds of thoughts - it's probably got a lot to do with the weather, sunshine and a drink, sunshine and friends etc are all times we'd have "enjoyed" a fag and with the c*ap weather we've had it's all pretty new!!

Know exactly what you mean about it not being a crave - am the same, sometimes i just want a smoke, and have found my mind playing all kinds of games to get me to have one.

I guess too it's because all the initial enthusiasm has gone, and while we're used to being non-smokers, 6 months not smoking is short compared to the years we did smoke for, so we're still working to break the mental addiction?

All I can suggest is to take it slowly and push through it. It will go away, it did before so it will again :)


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