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Week 9

I've lurked around here for a while, but not posted before so hope you don't mind me intruding at this late point.

I've been a no smoker now for 9 weeks, and I'm very proud of that. One week on the pre quit patches and then I didn't want to smoke anymore. Was most strange......withdrawal symptoms not that bad, actually felt quite relaxed and in control, up until these last two - three weeks and BAM....somethings gone wrong and I wondered if anyone else out there has had this problem.

Suddenly all I want to do is smoke, I'm depressed, anxious, panicky and tearful, and on one hand I know that a cigarette would calm me donw and make me feel better I so don't want to do that!!!

Do you think if I used some NRT of some description it would be a step backwards?

Has anybody got this far and fallen back down the slippery slope?? I really don't want to let myself down and smoke but I don't know what to do. :(

Does anybody have any advice?

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Hi Nikki,

There isn't any point in using NRT now as the nicotine has left your body. Deep breaths worked for me. It's all psychological for you now. If you look under the section on Tips, I just bumped a couple of great posts that helped me. Come here often and read lots of posts.


Thanks for your support.

I really want to carry on down the quit route and hope this negative period of feelings passes pretty quickly.

I'd be letting far too many people down, myself included, if I gave in.


Hi Nikki, you have done 9 hours since you posted at lunchtime, nearly bedtime now, don't give in, you are doing so well. just get through it day by day and as others have said if it feels mre than the cravings or that you feel that you are missing out on something ( I know it's crazy but some people do actually feel they are depriving themselves when they quit...wierd;):rolleyes:)then maybe pop and see your doctor/nurse.

keep posting and take what ever support you can, there is usually someone around here xxx


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