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No Smoking Day
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day 3- wow

hey everyine hope were all feeling great! So here i am.on.day 3! Woooo think.im reqlly.gna.do this. Its been uncomfortable thats for sure. This morning a blew up at a freind on text message as i said i was finding it hard etc n.she said not to bother! And i cearly cant do it lol so yeah was not happy n.told her what to do with her commenta. In that moment ibreally wanted a fag (as you can guess) but i thought no way i aibt letting you be right! I will do this and say Ha! At the end :)

Anyways feeling physically better but very tired. I have an interview tomoro at 11am and im.quite worried ill be feeling ****ty n be abit spaced out still.tomoro. Anyone know a way to aoeed up this last bit of withdrawal? Xx

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Sorry, cant think of a way as I didn't really get it. Maybe have a bottle of water with you tomorrow...just think at least as you walk into your interview, the interviewer wont think ' pheww! She stinks of smoke!'

Good luck xxx


Yes good idea! I think I will buy some tic tacs on my way! :p Its just for a summer customer service job to keep me until September (im doing a mental health nursing degree for the next 3 years!). Ill let you know in day 4 post how i got on and wether i acted like a weirdo.:)


Good luck for today and keep it up your doing sooooo well x :)


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