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lung capacity

I used to have great fitness and was able to run long distance, but after a gap of around a year during the same time I started smoking I was unable to run(which used to be and is a great love of my life) at 30 I think i should be fitter and have given up smoking and start running again. hopefully I will get back to my fitness levels and regain my lung capacity. I just hope the damage is not irreversible

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Don't give up, your lungs will return to their former capacity i'm sure of it.

If you'll take my advice, go to visit your GP and ask for a lunch check - all you do is blow into it, your lung reading will appear and you'll know.

I have smoked for more than 40 years and gave up on March 15th this year without using any patches etc - it has not been easy, but let me tell you within a couple of weeks when he took my lung readings, he told me that my lungs now read the same as those of someone who had never smoked.

I took it as a good sign.

The only odd thing that happened to me was at around a month I developed breathlessness and a 'smokers' cough which I didn't even have when I smoked, it was so bad I had to return to the doc and needn't have worried.

Apparently, in my case, what had happened was that my lungs were now getting rid of all the 'stuff' and this had led to them working normally which I wasn't used to as a smoker, it was all part of the quitting, though it doesn't happen to everyone.

Now all these weeks later I'm terrific and would never consider returning to cigs. I miss them some days, but I won't go there again.

Please be heartened this will end up good for you.


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