Yay day 6

Hi everybody,

Since historically the weekends have always been my achilles heel I thought I would post a quick note to say I am still smoke free, day 6 and a Saturday to boot! Whoop Whoop! :D

Last night not so much, it was very rough, ooh barely made it through. I managed to hang tough and took a walk instead.

Really pleased with myself today ;)

I hope you are all having a great day too.....


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  • fab to see you back on here Sherri , even though I don't post on here often now I remember you from the early days in 2013.

    Well done to you for getting to day 6 and also for having a smoke free weekend..... yes I still think that the weekends can be the toughest time.

    Hope this is the quit for you.

    All the best and take care

    Donna x

  • Wow Donna what a great surprise seeing you pop up. So glad to see how wonderfully you have continued with your quit, gives me lots of inspiration. :)

    Yes, this is going to be the one for me, never going back to being a smoker again and so looking forward to the future.

    thank you so much for the encouragement and good to (see) you again lol. ;)


  • I'm hanging in there Max and almost feeling too good :D for words!! I will get right through this weekend..... with of course a little help from my friends as needed lol.

  • the quit has not been wonderful all the way , but its all been worth it:)

    Ditto what Max says.... keep going week 2 is not far off and everyone on here would love to see you succeed

    you deserve to feel pleased with yourself, full credit to you for not giving up on giving up :)

    Donna x

  • Yay well done Sherri! Every notch of success helps drive us foward and over the next hurdle :) :D xx

  • Well done Sherri you are doing fantastically xxx

  • Nearly a whole week now Sherri, you *can* do this!!

  • Good job getting through the weekend!!!! Week 2 is right around the corner!!! You can do this - fight the fight and win big! :D

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