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Hello week 3

Entering week 3 and delighted with myself. Been busy in the garden with potting up lots of colourful plants which are a joy to loo at. Fuchsias galore here lol

out of a 1-10 scale (impossibly hard being 10)

week 1 was a 6-7

week 2 was a 3-4

so hoping week 3 gets even better

The neil casey book is so fresh in my mind and has been the main driving force for me this time, especially when my mind starts wandering. He explains one simple fact about what fags does to us and that is that it has a delayed reaction or irritation, agitation, stress and anxiety and is the sole reason we light another fag. May sound simple but is certainly rocking this womans boat xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:):)

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Well done Gerti, you're powering along now!!


Well done Gerti!

I think we are going to need to see a photo of our garden at some point - I bet it's lovely.

Funnily enough ours is looking the best it's ever done this year too - hubby and I have both worked hard on it - I think it gets our minds off smoking. Ours is a sea of purple, pink and white flowers of every shape and size (I LOVE the colour purple), although someone sneaked a little yellow flower into my hanging baskets which will have to GO!!! I wonder if I have geometric a little OCD....

I hope week 3 is an even better week for you Gerti!



Thanks guys and yes it is good that the casey book has clicked. For years I have been well aware that I was addicted and that each fag I smoked made me want another fag and yet I could not let go. Casey explains how fags actually work on the body and mind and he explains it in lay persons terms which I have understood. Bit like having the wrong maths teacher and never learning it properly. Allen carrs book wasnt my kind of read years back but I shall try and read it again.

Yesterday and today I'm having to remind myself quite often that I dont smoke anymore, not a craving but more physcological, wrong time of the month for me girls :( and amazed how much more of effort I am needing to put in whereas 2 days ago I was spread-eagled on my sunbed, catching some much needed rays and finding everything hunkydory !! But I am still confident.

Sarah your garden sounds lovely, I planted a large 16 inch basket yesterday and its all white, gonna look fab in a few weeks xx


I was interested in the Neil Casey book. I have read others since I quit but hadn't heard of that one so I've read exerts on the web this morning. I already knew that smoking made you anxious but I was interested to see what else he had to say. Was going to buy it but its £27 for the cheapest I can find.

Well done on reaching week 3


I saw how expensive this has become after recommending it to a friend. I think its best to keep an eye on it as prices will drop. Last month it was £9 second hand on amazon xx


It's funny how easily we dropped money for a cigarette - but cringe at the thought of spending money on a book. Wow - we were all a mess when we smoked! Yeah us for being smoke free!!! Gerti - I am happy that you have found a hobby to through your energy at. I planted a vegetable garden and that has taken off quickly! Squash, tomatos, cucumbers, peppers and green beans. I actually think I have some green beans ready to pick. :D


I didn't grudge the money at the beginning of my quit but certainly begrudge it when it will be a year tomorrow.


Lol I've become a real tight **** since quitting and have managed to pick up a weeks supply of patches on ebay for £2. It actually lifts my mood if I can get a bargain xx


Coming to the end of week 3 and its been an up and down one. No real cravings just some anger, irritation and mild depression with all the joys that brings. I started the week planting flowers and am ending it catching slugs at 5 am every morning as they are eating my plants. Problem is I cant kill them as it seems cruel !!! and so am now collecting them in lidded bottle and tipping them out 200 ft away, hope it works.

Trying to keep my mouth zipped when hubby and sons are irritating is proving hard and even wondering why I ever got married lol and so that nicotine demon is playing around with my mind and I am fully aware of that but it is tough. Had some early nights again as I know its easier to pass the time, still eating lots of sweets and mouth ulcer has now cleared so thats a bonus. I'de like the sunshine to come back as the rainy weather is gloomy.


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