No Smoking Day
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Hi All,

I wasn't going to make a post on this site today as I have been absent for so long, I have stopped for 1 year and 11 months and rarely (if ever) even remember being a smoker. However, I notice a few people feeling guilty about not posting after a long time, and although the support network is very strong on the site, each person remains on their own journey, a natural part of that journey is to move away from this site and pop back in every now and then to say hello and hopefully inspire by the length of time they have stopped smoking!!

That being said, I would like to drop in say hello to everyone, and a note to all the new quitters, this is how relevant smoking will be to you in relatively short time, not saying its easy, just saying if you have the guts and inner strength (no excuses ever), then your life will become much much better!!

Have a great day everyone and remember that you write your own history and victims let other people write theirs...............

Pete in sunny Perth!!

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Well done Pete. I'm just past my one year mark now and I've noticed the longer I go the less I'm here.

I to believe it's because I'm not thinking about smoking so I don't think of coming in here as often which in the end is a great thing.

Good luck to all and keep fighting the good fight!


Thank you for the inspiration, and for checking back in. I hope to be in your position in a year!


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