Still going strong

Hi everybody im still here and im still going strong, sorry ive been away for a while but ive been a little busy a work.

For all of you new quitters i can honestly 100% say that i will never smoke again, its been a battle but ive come through it. Its just so so nice having this feeling and not even thinking about or missing those stinky things. Just keep going and keep trying and you will eventually get to the place were im at now and its better than paradise..................................good luck and speak soon

hi to all my friends who quit at the same sort of time ie MAX, KAT, SARAH LOU and many more xxx :)

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  • Cheers

    Cheers Max I WILL SPEAK SOON :):D:D:D

  • Hey Will, glad to hear you're still doing well, its brilliant to hear all the positives, keeps people motivated and gives them inspiration :-)

  • brilliant stuff Will, glad all is still going well for you. Hope Trigger is doing o.k

    All the best

    Donna x

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