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Sunshine and swimming

Our Spanish weather is fantastic at the moment, I love this time of year when it's pleasantly warm, before the real heat comes. I have been busy getting ready for my daughter and her friend coming out to visit next week. Only downside is they are smokers, don't know how I shall cope with the smell, my house has been a smoke free zone for over 3 months now. I hope it doesn't set any triggers off for me. I am still battling with those extra pounds I gained but now I can use my swimming pool for exercise daily I am sure I shall get there.

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Good to hear you are enjoying the weather. I used to live in Albir and miss the sunshine and the bars :-)


Jeanie my dad came to stay with me for 3 weeks at the beginning of my quit (6 days in I believe). I thought it was going to be awful but it actually helped me a lot. He refused to spoke inside (even though we had a "smoking room" in our house (obviously while we smoked - afterwards it just went back to being a room)). So he would stand outside to smoke and I would join him with my e cig. The smell of his smoke actually put me off (as did the stale smell on him afterwards). Hopefully your experience will be similar to mine.

He was also very good at not leaving his ciggies lying around. Not sure what I would have done if they were lying around! Would've probably tried to sneak a few out the packet to store away for "emergencies" - bit like I did when I was a teenager!

The only fly in the ointment was that he had bought me and hubby a carton of B&H each as a thank you present!!! It was hard to turn that down 6 days in to a quit!

Enjoy the sun and the pool - not quite warm enough for me to get into our pool yet (we have an above ground monstrosity - but it does the job for the few dys a year we can use it!)

Most importantly enjoy the time with your family!



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