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1st ever post

This is my 1st ever post on this sort of forum, I have been reading posts by other people for the last 2 weeks and thought I would get involved rather than just watch.

A little about myself I started smoking when I was 11 now 45 and am on day 17 of my quit (with patches) I was on between 20/30 a day when I was that smoker

I found the 1st week very difficult but I battled with the smoker in me and am winning

I am quitting alone at home, my wife refuses to stop, but I do have support from a non smoker at work, when I mention cigs his 1st line is "you want to go through all that again "

Anyway I'm rambling now . I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello.


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Welcome to the Forum Dave

Well done at being quit for 2 weeks my love, IMO thats the most difficult few weeks.

I too stopped with patches, and a quiet steely determination. . Just felt 'different' this time, always have done, and from what I've read on here, that's the key. Different mindset. (9 months quit for me!)

I wish you all the strength as you continue on your quit journey Dave.

Fi x


Hi Dave!!

A big welcome to you and congratulations on your decision to quit. I have been kicking around here for 6 months with 4 attempts to permanently stop smoking. I seem to get just about 30 days and then crack up so to speak.

Just started over this past week and I am looking forward to it being my last and best quit.

Since you have been lurking around I am sure that you have seen there are lots of great people here that are always willing to step in and prop you up when you need it. :p Use the site as much as possible it will really help.

Best wishes!!



Hey! welcome to the land of quitters! :D

Dont feel shy to ramble on what ever your feeling, were all here to listen and offer support because were all in the same boat! I find it helps to as you have another set of people to think about and you dont want to be 'the one who caves in'.

Keep up the good work you have done very well!! xxx


Hey! I, too, am new here, and am finding it really helpful so far. I am so glad to read about what you are going thru, Dave, and about what everyone else has been through.

I agree- is it really worth it to have to start over from day one since last smoking, just to have one cigarette? I used to think maybe so, and now I am realizing- no! Hang in there!

Hope to have as many smoke-free days under my belt as all of you in time. Thanks for the support!


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