No Smoking Day
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Day 5 (6 now) - think i am finally ready


So everyday is getting easier really. Im not being complacent as i know how devilish the cravings can be and sneak up on you, but i am just not thinking about smoking, like it does not mater and i dont feel like i am missing out. I dont want to 'join in' and im actually making choices to purposely not put myself in a situation where i could lapse rather than doing it and panicking that i will lapse.

my new natural attitude is just 'it is what it is' i feel quite....just ok with it all. Im going gym everyday atm, i think it helps with the mindset plus getting me that rush of endorphins

I counted my microtabs and ive hardly used any! which i was really suprised about actually AND! lol i noticed that alot of triggers are just no triggering me, i realise like two hours later..'oh i didnt want a fag after dinner!?'

I dont mean to sound 'wow look at me' im just really surprised in myself tbh. I might just bite the bullet and cold turkey it over the next few days, just do the cruddy bit while i have some free time...hmmmm lol

hope everyone else is doing well!!! xx

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well done you and must say you sound as though you have the right mindset. The gym is such a big bonus and is scientifically proven to lift mood ect (i love scientific facts) so keep that gym going and you will crack it I'm sure xx :)


Doing great Nikki

And you say you are really surprised at yourself,know what you mean! One of the features of the con trick that is addiction to smoking,is that we feel that really,truly,deeply,we probably will smoke for ever 'cos we are the ones ,the unlucky ones,who are 'natural' smokers and we are doomed to do it forever. Rubbish!!!!!

Once you face down this demon,he crumbles but you HAVE to face him down.

Keep at it!!!!:D

That is exactly it! and that is the mindet that allows us to replapse because rather than being a mistake, it is enevitable! but if we look at it for what it is then when those thoughts hit you can see them just for what they are!

Its like any drug, we are all hardwired to become addicted to opiates if we abuse them enough. We use them as pain relief fine, do it everyday for a for while and you have yourself a problem. Once of them. If you need pain relief again its best not to have opiates as you are now even more hardwired to pick back up on that addiction. Same thing with nicotine.

The Only thing to do is....never take another puff. (i love :D


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