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The Prodigal Daughter

I couldn’t decide whether or not I should post this in day 1, or general. Hmmmm, back again and so good to see so many success stories this spring.

Well when I originally quit back on 1/1/13, my good friend and office cellmate Steph, the BF, and one other acquaintance all decided we were in it together going to give up the smokes and be happily on our way….. NOT !!

Steph caved first (I knew she would and should have laid down my bet, damn!), followed by the acquaintance (we’ll call him Victor), then horrors, I was next (arghhh!!) and then the last soldier, the BF succumbed to the demon weed. Of course I took one for the team at home with the BF, of course it was my fault because I started smoking again so he did, yah right!!! Ok, I took the blame lol and promised to “start over” Well long story short and six months later two have given up on quitting smoking. The BF has remained smoke free after the first glitch!! And then there’s me….. I have started and stopped so many times in the last six months that I have lost count. (I think it has been 4) and as I was telling a good friend here this morning, I know my credibility is absolutely zero here at this point.

Nevertheless, as my friend Nifty still tells me “at least I haven’t given up” this said, I have had real mixed feelings about posting anything further here due to the credibility factor but then again I still believe there is something to be learned from each posters personal experiences along their journey to a smoke free life.

So am I technically on day one or am I somewhere between there and six months? I will let you all decide. I am not sure it really matters anyway…..

Since I can only live one day at a time…I am only counting this day, and today I am a non-smoker !!! :p

Best wishes to everyone and happy to be here yet again. :)


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Hello Teflon,

So very pleased to meet you!!! This place has the best peeps anywhere!!!

I so very much appreciate your support as I yet again embark upon the quest for the elusive penthouse haha !! So glad I turned the wheel over to Max when I disembarked the train as surely it would have derailed with out he and Kat standing in for me!! Well now that I am back, he can take his rightful place as barkeep !!!


You know that you would never pass up an opportunity to have a laugh at the crazy American, so glad to be of service and entertain LOL !!! (I do what I can) :D

xoxo ~S


Sherri hun, apart from possibly some very young quitters and I think Janeissane *nobody* here is on their first quit, I was a serial quitter for nearly all my smoking life - which not including my social smoking time was 12 years - nobody here has any right to judge anyone else!!

Stopping smoking is a hell of a difficult thing to do because smoking used all of your senses so it becomes very much a part of your daily life like eating and drinking *but* you can and you will beat it and we'll be here to help you :)

Don't beat yourself up about having had lapses - just concentrate on not having a fag *today* and let tomorrow worry about itself!!

It's lovely to see you back, let's make this *the* quit for you



Hi Gemma:

The truth is, I had a choice to make, I could pop back on here say hello and claim all is well. It would have been so much easier to just receive the accolades of my success but it would be a lie.

I just can't roll like that! I believe there are a few that do this but I'll not be one of them. Besides I really think this journey will be of benefit to someone at some time on here that finds the process just as difficult to maintain.

My fingers and toes are crossed and I am all patched up and ready to keep going. :cool:

Today is going smoothly but then it always does when I start out. It usually gets difficult for me when the quit begins to get old and I lose the excitement then I get bored with it. That is what I am most trying to overcome. I will never stop trying though until I succeed!! I believe it will happen this very time if I can stay in control and not feel like I am losing out to the pleasure of smoking.




Hello Lostie,

Always so good to hear from you and you always know what to say and I can count on you for sound advice and a smile :)

I hardly meant to make an issue of anyone judging me because I don't think that anyone has. More so I am judging my own self here. I have questioned my worthiness to continue here with so many that have done so well. Perhaps I should have worded it that way. Having said that, I do want to be true to all of you as well as myself so when I blow it, I say so!!

Nevertheless, like a bad penny I remain!! :eek:

Thank you for your support ~ Look forward to many more chats along the way and I hope all is well with you and yours down under ;)



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