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Where did that come from!!!!

OMG, how ever many weeks in (9??)and it hits me so vividly in the middle of the know what I mean...THE DREAM!! I was in a room I recognise but can't pinpoint at the moment, said I wanted a cig, lit one had a couple of puffs said yuk and put it out. Ok, that's a good sign but the disturbing part is the cigarette came from a packet in MY handbag and I returned the remainder of the packet to my bag!! WHAT on earth brought this on!!!!

*checks handbag, no cigs*

was I drunk last night? Was it an alcohol fuelled dream? NO! ahh there lies the answer, need to have a drink before bed ;):D;)

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Atleast it was just a dream. More like a nightmare to me. lol.

But as long as you are still going on your quit then there's nothing to fear. :)

I also had a few of those Kat. The relief when I realized I was just dreaming made me even more determined to quit and stay quit.


Oooooh I had a smoking dream too this week!!

It's weird because they seem so real at the time and then you wake up in a big old panic :eek:

Maybe it's the warm weather??


It's a good thang!

Here's what I've read is happening, and you seem to be at the right time in the quit too. A few weeks or couple of months or so into the quit the cilia in the lungs and throat start to re-grow and perform. They're the wavy hairy things that shift mucus about, and so stop infection.

So they're moving about all the old rubbishy gunk in the lungs which still contain traces of all the old smoking debris which is being shifted around too, all the particles of god knows what. And this, along with a heightened sense of smell is what causes the subconscious to dream about smoking. :eek:

Apparantly they work better when you're horizontal. ;) Can't remember where I read it tho!


Wowzer how interesting! :eek:

You're a fountain of knowledge Hawk :)


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