No Smoking Day
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Tabex-Quit 22-05-13 12 Days in 8th non-smoke day

Hi All

A I said in my previous 3 posts would keep logging on and updating.

nearing half way through my tablet course, reduce from 5 a day to 4 a day tomorrow for next 4 days.

Must say, I'm still a little worried, have had very few problems, and when you read of peoples struggles, especially the amazing people that are doing it by cold turkey, it almost feels like cheating.

I'm now getting close to getting the money back that I paid for this months course, after that its all going into a treat me and family pot.

Think my breathing is getting a little better, which was a concern as slightly asthmatic, taste and smell think I havn't noticed any major changes.

If anyone has any questions, will try to answer any I can.

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