No Smoking Day
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Day 3 - lovely jubbly

Third day, been good actualy. this morning i did have 5 minutes of convicing myself one fag a day is ok, in the morning ha ha but then i remembered that was the demon looking to barter with me for a deal. i said NO deal and cracked on with my day.

going gym everyday is working a treat too, helps to encourage healthy thinking and wanting to be healthy too.

Im having roughly 10 lozengers a day. Which is not bad for a starter. more in the morning as i find that the toughest part.

Im going to reduce these when i hit the week mark, with the aim to come off them at the three week mark. I have done CT before and after 5 days it really is easier than with NRT, i admire ppl that do this with NRT for months!! I might even CT it next weekend, ill see how i feel.

Anyways, clearly feeling optimistic so ill see everyone tomorrow for day 4 :D xx

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Morning Nikki, welcome to day 4, hope it goes as well as yesterday did for you. To have had such a great day 3 is amazing (that is one of the dreaded 3s).Well done you!!

You are quite right to say NO to even 1 a day as we all know that even just one puff will take us back down that road again!!

Embrace the next few days when things start to change more, taste/smell and really look forward to in a couple of weeks your skin! mine looks so much younger and healthier, all that extra oxygen :D:D


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