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Day 2 - its all ok

hey, So well into day 2 now. I had a good start then a very crap middle. My mum was supposed to be at work today thus leaving me to be alone and feeling crappy. But no she was at home - moaning about various things. Its like 'ffs i dont need your moaning right now, i havent got the head space for it'. I went and bought some nicotine lozengers as a emergency stock as i had no NRT at home at all. I had one while walking round sainsburys. So im still smoke free, not so much nicotine free. but its ok its a process isnt it, i dont plan to smoke again so wether i go nicotine free now or in a few weeks is irrelevant.

I also decided on the lozengers as they are slow release rather than a instant hit. I think they spray mimics fags to much and you come rely on that crutch being there. i have never tried a slow release before and i feel these help to make you feel that YOU are saying no to smoking rather than the spray, if that makes sense?

Anyways, I dont want to use NRT to replace the cigs, i tend to use them as a last resort as i want to get used to not needing to use crutches to control my feelings and situations and see if i can get through them on my own.

If there comes a point i have managed 3 days without the use of them i wont bother using them at all (72 hours principle).

Anyways, I feel a sense of uncertainty in my feelings, but not in my desire to quit so i will see how the journey ahead pans out.

Happy quitting :D

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Hi Nikki, (forgive me if I have the wrong person...seemed ages ago we spoke) Have you already been on your holiday? Was it Spain?


Hey! yes it was me and it was a while back you have a very good memory :)

I got back a week ago and i fully intended on quitting once getting back to the UK. i had a nicotine spray tho and tbh towards the end of the week i prefered having a squirt of that than a fag!! they really are disgusting i wish the world would ban them.

How are you getting on? have you stayed quit since last time we spoke? xx


ban the spray or fags?? Both probably.:)

Yes I have stayed quit, it has got easier as time has gone on, Don't miss it at all now, there are the nostalgic memories but they are not cravings. Best thing I did.

Glad you have found a NRT that suits you, thought you were going to say that you had gone to the ecig...that really is swapping one habit for another.

Good luck with this quit, I shall keep my eye on you this time a bit more closely :D:D


ha ha in that case then I will defo stay quit the preassure!!! :D

Im going on holiday again in 3 months with my smoking family :rolleyes: but i am happy to be the non smoker along with my nephew :)

thanks guys, im hitting the gym hard each day as i find this helps with the 'look how healthy i am' bit which keeps the spirits up! plus stops me pilling on those pounds, i am a eating quitting i must admit :cool:

thanks guys for the support xx


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