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just dropping by to say Hi :)

Morning fellow quitters , its been ages since I posted or popped in here so I am feeling a little guilty for not putting enough back into the forum .. please forgive me !

It's lovely to see familiar names and fantastic to see so many new quitters as well who have joined the party. Some major milestones have now been notched up so well done to all and sorry that I have not been here to offer my congratulations.

I've nothing exciting or dramatic to report, all is well and at last, despite numerous colds and virusy things, I feel content and have a general sense of well being which I never had when I was a smoker. As many have said before, its all worth it, be patient, time moves along and you will not be craving 24/7 and then you have a 'Eureka' moment when you realise that you have not thought about smoking for a day, week and so on.

Whichever route you are taking , NRT, Champix, Allen Carr etc , in my opinion it is still all about the WANT. You have to WANT to quit , so even if it takes a few or many attempts please do not give up 'giving up' :)

I am aware that I must not be complacent as I'm only a sunny afternoon and a glass of wine away from temptation, however I'm NOT going back to the bad old smoking days because I do not want to smoke... not today , not tomorrow and never again !

Have a fab Friday and great weekend

Donna x

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Max .. thank you and a belated ,but very very very well done to you for 5 months quit milestone ! Its not long now until the 6 month mark which seemed ages away at the start of the year.

Hope all is well with you and lovely as always to see you and the other familiar names still trucking along

Donna x


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